Why the Elevater?

We strongly believe that complete business clarity and maturity will deliver long-term sustainable growth.

The Seven Steps to Success in the Elevater

  1. Qualify and prioritise the areas of the business that need improvement to achieve strong successful growth.

  2. Qualify what roles and responsibilities you deliver in your business, and then build an organisation structure for now and the future.

  3. Identify the areas of the business that will maximise your performance and profitability with reporting dashboards to measure your progress and results.

  4. Align your personal and business goals with a simple strategy to create a road map for the future.

  5. Build a Sales & Marketing strategy to stand out in the crowd.

  6. Build a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

  7. Automate and replicate your business to enable strong sustainable growth and not be reliant on the business owners.

The Elevater Outcomes

The Elevater provides the perfect platform to survive this present phase and then build or reinvigorate a multi-million dollar business.

The Elevater uses a tool called the BizCheck to audit your entire business.

Our workshops will solve and simplify the challenges and complexities in your business.

The Elevater provides reporting dashboards that will ensure you measure and monitor the business progress and results by having your finger on the pulse.

On completion of the Elevater your business will have the discipline, structure and focus to survive, scale and be sustainable.

The programme is really important for people that need to grow their business or people that need a plan to exit the business .”

The Four Floors

Ground Floor


Qualify and align your personal and business goals with a simple strategy.

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Level 1


Automate your business processes and systems and maximise the performance of your business.

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Level 2


Grow your profitability by building a strong, predictable sales pipeline.

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Penthouse Suite


Create a strong sustainable, mature business that gives you choices in your life.

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How it works


Qualify your business with the BizCheck

The BizCheck is a core ingredient of the Elevater. The BizCheck provides an in-depth insight into your business by measuring each individual business component to qualify & quantify your maturity.


The Knowledge and the Tools

The Elevater workshops have been individually designed to provide owners with content, tools & templates on the critical core areas of your business.

Business Improvement Framework

The BIF - The Business Improvement Framework

The BIF is another Elevater tool that provides owners with a framework to monitor and manage ‘on the business’ improvement initiatives from the workshops.