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Tim Pointer / Uprise

The power of a plan

Tim and partner Matt didn’t have a plan when they started Uprise, or any particular goals in mind. They had no idea how big the opportunity was before them.

When PeopleNZ suggested they could grow their organisation from four people to a hundred, the pair found it hard to imagine, let alone see how that would play out. What they did agree on was that they needed clarity and structure, so they began to put PeopleNZ’s recommendations in place.

Those recommendations have seen the business grow from four to eighteen staff, open a second office, earn local and international business awards and build an enviable increase in recurring revenue. It’s also led to creating a culture that recognises and rewards achievement.

Since 2015 Uprise continue to win awards and have increased their people to 27 and have plans of five countries in five years.

“PeopleNZ are more than just a business advisor. They fine tune each area of the business.”
TIm pointer / Uprise / Founder


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