Digital Marketing
Matt Rowe / Uprise

Rise up and be counted

Matt had no experience with digital when he went along to a digital conference with best friend Tim, but knew enough to realise that Kiwis weren’t getting the help they were paying for.

They quickly set about filling that need and were encouraged by early results. Matt admits they made the classic mistake of thinking it would be just as easy to learn to manage and grow the business themselves, but soon realised the value of listening to experts and brought PeopleNZ on board.

PeopleNZ allowed them to focus in on the areas in the business that needed improvement. One of the biggest, yet simplest things Uprise did was to define their roles in the business. In three years, they grew from four staff to eighteen – and are well positioned for sustainable growth. 

40 – 50% of our growth can be attributed to PeopleNZ. Their advice and assistance with implementation leads to positive change.”
Matt rowe / Uprise / Founder


Deloitte Fast50 2015