Matt McLaughlin / Hoff Hospitality

The balanced lifestyle

A serious health scare resulted in Matt designing a new mature business.

Matt has four companies with a total of 55 staff. After his health scare Matt realised he needed all his businesses to be sustainable. Working with the Elevater programme has built a road map for his future while achieving sustainability through increasing profitability.

Empowering the business meant that Matt’s management team had to step up. The Elevater programme helped Matt define the roles and an organisational structure so his business and his people could thrive. The business has seen a significant increase in productivity and the overall business performance. This has provided Matt with a more balanced lifestyle.

We rebuilt the organisation structure, giving everybody really in-depth job descriptions. The empowerment I’ve given the management team, they have absolutely loved and they run the business as if its their own. The pride they have in themselves, the job they do and the company has made a huge difference
matt Mclaughlin / Hoff hospitality / Director