Success stories

To understand how business coaching and the Elevater Programme can transform your business, take a look at the growth we’ve already achieved with other high potential businesses.

These results cover a wide range of industries including IT, Creative Digital, HR, Recruitment, Hospitality, Event Management, and Financial services.

  1. The power of a plan
    Digital Marketing
    Tim Pointer / Uprise

    The power of a plan

    Established: 2011
    People size: 18
    Tenure: 2012 - 2015
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    The Uprise story began in a spare bedroom in 2009, with little more than the knowledge that the founders could add value in a fast-growing industry. They’ve grown from a small team of four to having two national offices, and admit the real speed happened when they made the commitment to work with PeopleNZ.

  2. The balanced lifestyle
    Matt McLaughlin / Hoff Hospitality

    The balanced lifestyle

    Established: 2004
    People size: 55
    Tenure: 2016 - 2019
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    A serious health scare forced Matt to take a step back from his business and rely on his staff to manage it in his absence. The Elevater helped him strip the business down, establish a new organisational structure, define staff roles, set personal & business goals, and rebuild it into a very strong successful company.

  3. Better business, better lifestyle
    Mike Westbury / One Eighty

    Better business, better lifestyle

    Established: 2013
    People size: 9
    Tenure: 2017 - Present
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Mike was at a crossroads with his business. After joining the Elevater programme, he has come a long way with increases in clarity, productivity, staff retention and business maturity. He has also significantly increased the business revenue and profit, and developed a balanced lifestyle in both his work and personal life.

  4. Diversification can transform a young business
    Sam Ardern / Onepost

    Diversification can transform a young business

    Established: 2012
    People size: 6
    Tenure: 2018 - 2019
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Sam really wanted to scale his young business into a larger company. The Elevater programme gave him the knowledge and clarity to shift his business from a project-to-project basis to creating recurring revenue streams. The Elevater also provided a balanced lifestyle formula for his family. They have now been able to spend more time together, safe in the knowledge that the business is in a stronger position.

  5. Clarity on our future direction
    Financial Services
    Phil Stevenson / Bloomsbury

    Clarity on our future direction

    Established: 2009
    People size: 6
    Tenure: 2018 - Present
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Phil was looking for more clarity around what his business meant for both him and his family. The Elevater programme enabled him to take advantage of an outsider’s point of view on his unique situation and develop more clarity and understanding around why he was doing what he was doing, and what he could do better.

  6. It’s all about having the right tools
    Event Management
    Ged Taylor / Kiio

    It’s all about having the right tools

    Established: 2009
    People size: 7
    Tenure: 2014 - 2018
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Having experienced the challenges of managing and growing a business while working on day-to-day delivery, Ged was looking for ways to automate his processes to enable him to scale. A referral to PeopleNZ and the Elevater programme provided his business with the tools, templates and structures they needed to build a successful sustainable business.

  7. The power in processes
    Digital Marketing
    Nev Rodda / Sea Digital

    The power in processes

    Established: 2017
    People size: 5
    Tenure: 2017 - 2018
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Nev’s business had grown really quickly but it didn’t have processes and systems that would enable the business to scale. Using the Elevater programme, Felicity & Nev learned how to be strong business managers by streamlining their business processes, resulting in the business working more efficiently.

  8. A vision for the future
    Refractive Surgery Clinic
    Mariana Eaton / Wellington Eye Centre

    A vision for the future

    Established: 2002
    People size: 9
    Tenure: 2012 - Present
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    With 20 years of successful business behind them, the people at Wellington Eye Centre were looking for ways to evolve their business – and that meant embracing change and creating a vision for the future. This has been achieved through continual business improvement initiatives focused on maturing the company.

  9. Rise up and be counted
    Digital Marketing
    Matt Rowe / Uprise

    Rise up and be counted

    Established: 2011
    People size: 18
    Tenure: 2012 - 2015
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    Uprise had identified a clear need in their market when they started working with PeopleNZ, but hadn’t set any goals or plans beyond that. The clarity they gained, and the experience they were able to tap into, led them to the award-winning space they’re in today.

  10. Creating a system of success
    Information Technology
    Anthony Lummis / Neos Systems

    Creating a system of success

    Established: 2012
    People size: 10
    Tenure: 2014 - 2016
    Solution/s: The Elevater

    When the founders of Neos first joined forces, they knew their niche business had all the ingredients for success. What they weren’t prepared for was how quickly it would happen – and the systems needed to make it sustainable.