Hadassah France / Business Assistant

The success behind the scenes

If Bruce Duncan is the visionary behind PeopleNZ, Hadassah France ensures the business runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Officially Business Assistant, her role continually evolves as she develops more skills and takes on more responsibility across the wider business.

Hadassah joined the PeopleNZ family at the beginning of 2015, at the same time she started a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University. While studying, she often learnt a new concept in theory then saw it applied in the real business world at PeopleNZ, which was valuable for both her studies and her work experience. 

Today Hadassah is an essential cog in the running of PeopleNZ. Her natural business nous and details-focus enable her to make useful contributions to business decisions, while her flexibility and ability to simply get the job - any job - done makes her an exceptionally valuable member of the team.