Bruce Duncan / Founder

A passion for results

PeopleNZ founder Bruce Duncan knows a thing or two about building a business from scratch. In 1993, instead of investing his life savings into a home for his family, he set up an IT talent management company.

During the next 15 years he opened branches in Auckland and Wellington, hired 30 staff with an average tenure of 6.5 years and partnered with 100 contractors. They reached a 13 million turnover and finally exited by selling to a multinational.

After selling his company, Bruce saw so many people in his line of work simply do the same thing all over again. Build, work, sell, repeat. It was assumed that he’d do the same. But that didn’t motivate him. What Bruce really wanted to do was add value to other Kiwi businesses.

PeopleNZ was birthed out of Bruce’s passion for small businesses, and the Elevater programme was built out of a desire to equip like-minded business owners with the knowledge, tools & templates to achieve their goals.

He’s very personable and very insightful, so we felt very confident and assured by him. His knowledge and advice has been invaluable.”
Felicity Douglas / Sea Digital