Bruce Duncan / Founder

A passion for results

PeopleNZ founder Bruce Duncan is passionate about working with likeminded business owners. 

Bruce has worked in and around business for decades. Over a 15 year period of building his company, he opened branches in Auckland and Wellington, hired 30 staff with an average tenure of 6.5 years and partnered with 100 contractors. He finally exited by selling to a multi-national. 

But the road to success wasn't always easy. There was an ongoing need to work on the business to improve efficiencies and regular issues of maximising the performance of his people and services.

He eventually automated and replicated the entire business and achieved complete clarity on his goals with a simple strategy. 

But, it would have been a lot easier if someone had been available to direct him through all the phases and guide him on what critical areas of the business required prioritising above others.

Having been through three major downturns, Bruce also knows how to survive.

After selling his company, Bruce took time out to create memories with family and friends. During this review and reflection period, he created the clarity on his next adventure. 

PeopleNZ was birthed out of Bruce’s passion for business, and the Elevater was built out of a desire to equip like-minded business owners with the knowledge, tools & templates to build and scale a strong, sustainable business. 

He’s very personable and very insightful, so we felt very confident and assured by him. His knowledge and advice has been invaluable.”
Felicity Douglas / Sea Digital