The PeopleNZ Story

Our ambition for the Elevater is big & bold.
'Live local. Go global!'

PeopleNZ is in the business of maximising the potential of your business and people.

Based in Wellington, Nelson and Auckland, when PeopleNZ partners with a business owner we use the Elevater programme to give them the knowledge, tools and templates they need to become better business owners and scale. 

The programme is simple, practical and fluff free, empowering business owners to drive success in their area of expertise.

Elevater in a Nutshell

We’ve used our experience and knowledge to develop a proven business growth programme. This model has been successfully tried and tested on a variety of service industries with some outstanding success stories.


Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge & Experiences

SME Growth

Designed & built a business growth model


Tried & tested on a variety of businesses


The Elevater Programme

  1. A passion for results
    Bruce Duncan / Founder

    A passion for results

    Bruce spent 15 years building his own IT talent company before selling to a multinational on the stock market. He spent three years creating memories with family and friends. During this time, he realised that what he was most passionate about was the process of growing the business – and his next adventure was to help other business owners be successful and reach their goals.

  2. The success behind the scenes
    Hadassah France / Business Assistant

    The success behind the scenes

    If Bruce Duncan is the visionary behind PeopleNZ, Hadassah France ensures the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Officially Business Assistant, her role continually evolves as she develops more skills and takes on more responsibility across the wider business.