The PeopleNZ Story

Congratulations, because you’re more than likely to be a small business owner. I admire business owners. It takes a lot of guts, energy, tenacity, focus and discipline to build a successful business.

When I started my first business in 1993, I worked with some of the best business partners in the market, but I struggled to find someone who could give me that in depth knowledge of how you grow and scale a profitable business.

I now live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Tasman. Great weather, great beaches, great people. I commute to Wellington for monthly workshops. Selling my business enabled my family to make those choices.

Your business could be your most valuable asset. Creating a vision, building a roadmap, improving and innovating your business. This is what the Elevater Programme has been designed to deliver. Focus on your people, processes and your profit. It will position you for sustainable growth and provide you choices in your life.


  1. A passion for results
    Bruce Duncan / Founder

    A passion for results

    Bruce spent 15 years building his own talent management company before selling to a multinational on the stock market. He then spent three years creating memories with family and friends. During this time, he realised that what he was most passionate about was the process of growing the business – and his next adventure was to help other business owners build and scale a strong, sustainable business.