Elevater - yes, we know, it's spelt wrong :-)

When we built the Elevater programme we needed to qualify a name. We really believe we have something unique that could be taken to the global markets, so we required a dot com name. The Elevater came out of that brainstorming session. It might look slightly wrong but it sounds and delivers great results.

Why is the personalised solution so long?

Building a successful business takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a lot of financial backing you can sometimes shortcut the time and process to grow. However from our experience, to succeed in positioning the company for strong sustainable growth you need to be working on the business. We have designed the Elevater Programme to provide the tools, knowledge, templates and be part of your journey. Rather than coming in to fight the fires and leave quickly, we ignite ideas and improve areas of the business to support long term success.

Where are you located?

Our home locations at present are Wellington, Nelson and Blenheim.

What days and times do you deliver the workshops?

We have a PeopleNZ workshop schedule that is qualified for each location in a particular week of the month. The workshops are delivered on the mornings & afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Where are the workshops held?

The majority of our personalised workshops are delivered at client's office premises. The group workshops are delivered in a central location in your city.

Who else will be in the group workshops?

We have a maximum of four - six non competitive companies per workshop.

What can I expect from a group workshop?

Each workshop will have an agenda, planned objectives and outcomes. The workshop will include the knowledge, tools and templates on a particular part of the business that will enhance your ability to achieve sustainable growth.