The Elevater Programme

The Elevater solution gives you one-on-one sessions that are customised and tailored for your company requirements

PeopleNZ have a small community of only ten clients for this solution



7 months, 6 workshops
2.5hr workshops
Limited to 10 clients
$1,488 per month

Surviving, building and scaling your business can be challenging, complex and sometimes confusing. Create complete clarity in how you survive and scale a successful sustainable business.


On completion of the solution your business will have:

Personalised mentoring to your key people
A significant increase in the clarity and maturity of your business, in alignment with personal & business goals
Proactive, month to month focus on business performance and key risks 
A plan & simple strategy to enable the business to not be reliant on the owner/s in day to day business delivery
A qualified organisation structure & roles for today & the future
Elevater dashboards in the business measuring your progress & results to ensure you have your finger on the pulse
A framework to automate and replicate your business
A business improvement framework that is focused on maximising the maturity and potential of your business
The perfect platform to survive or reinvigorate a multi-million dollar business and create choices in your life
A very high potential of increasing revenue & net profit 


Free Products & Templates

All the products and templates reside in a secure and personalised online hub

Comprehensive Recruitment Process

Detailed On-boarding Process
Business Maturity Model Dashboard
Business Sustainability Model Dashboard
Financial Results Dashboard
Business Improvement Templates
Personal & Business Goals Template
Business Strategy Template
Financial Forecasting Templates
Monthly Golden Nugget Video's


40 – 50% of our growth can be attributed to PeopleNZ. Their advice and assistance with implementation leads to positive change.”

Workshop Dates

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Measure Your Maturity

Measure Your Maturity

1/2 day workshop
The management team
Limited to 6 people

This workshop will transform the way your management team view your business. Discover the formula to all the key components to sustainable growth. 


On completion of the ½ day workshop your business will have:

Maturity & sustainability dashboards that reflect your present position as a business. 
A significant increase in clarity on which business initiatives need to be implemented. 
A business improvement framework with a plan on the priorities for the next 90 days
A management team that is connected and on the same page
Golden nugget moments and solutions from the workshop 

“It was a well structured, well balanced session, allowing us to deep dive into every aspect of our business. Very thorough, NOTHING is missed, EVERYTHING is discussed and challenged! ...It gives a robust view of the actual state of affairs, allowing us to better prioritise. The value is significant.... a once or twice a year exercise that I'd highly recommend!”
Peter de Beor / Uprise / General Manager

Workshop Dates

Please register your interest for the Measure Your Maturity workshop. 


Where are you located?

Our home locations at present are Nelson and Wellington.

Where are the workshops held?

The majority of our personalised workshops are delivered via Zoom or at our client's office premises.

What days and times do you deliver the workshops?

We have a PeopleNZ workshop schedule that is qualified for each location in a particular week of the month. The workshops are delivered on the mornings & afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What is an Elevater workshop?

The Elevater workshops are one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring workshops that are customised to your business requirements. 

The Elevater personalised workshops include a proactive, month to month discussion and focus on your business performance, and key risks by utilising the Elevater reporting dashboards.

Why is the Elevater solution seven months?

Building a successful and dynamic business takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a lot of financial backing you can sometimes shortcut the time and process to grow. However from our experience, to succeed in positioning the company for strong sustainable growth you need to be working on the business consistently to mature the whole business.

We have designed the Elevater to provide the knowledge, tools and templates and be part of your journey. Rather than coming in to fight the fires and leave quickly, we ignite ideas and improve areas of the business to support long term successful growth. 

What materials do I need to bring to the workshop?

Please bring your personal laptop & charger, with a pen & paper.

What are the payment terms?

The personalised workshops are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Elevater - yes, we know, it's spelt wrong :-)

When we built the Elevater programme we needed to qualify a name. We really believe we have something unique that could be taken to the global markets, so we required a dot com name. The Elevater came out of that brainstorming session. It might look slightly wrong but it sounds and delivers great results.