Group Solutions

Take advantage of PeopleNZ’s group workshops with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs

The BizCheck

The BizCheck

3.5 hour workshop

Limited to 8 clients

This workshop will transform the way you view your business. Discover the formula to all the key components to survival and sustainable growth:

Identify your present business life-cycles

Qualify your business maturity towards scalability 

Qualify your business sustainability to maximise growth

Qualify your business strengths and area's of improvement


On completion of the 3.5 hour workshop your business will have:

Maturity & Sustainability Dashboards that reflect your present position as a business
A significant increase in clarity on your strengths and which business initiatives need to be implemented
A Business Improvement Framework with a plan on the priorities for the next 90 days
Golden Nugget moments & solutions from the workshop
Network with like minded business owners 

Free Templates

Business Maturity Dashboard
Business Sustainability Dashboard
Business Improvement Template
“I appreciate Bruce for his positivity, practicality and wisdom. He is such an engaging character and whether it is a workshop or a catch-up call, I always leave feeling encouraged, supported and with a set of great ideas to put into action.”

Workshop Dates

The group workshops dates will be announced shortly and will take place via Zoom. Spaces are limited so register now to guarantee your place.



The Blueprint

The Blueprint

3.5 hour workshop
Limited to 8 clients

Do you have complete clarity on the management hats you wear in your business?

This workshop will provide business owners complete clarity on their present and future roles.

Diluting your responsibilities and tasks will create time and focus on building and growing your business.


On completion of the 3.5 hour workshop your business will have:

A qualified organisation structure & management roles for today & the future
A significant increase on the clarity of the business
A Business Improvement Framework with a plan for the next 90 days
The perfect platform to survive this present phase and then build or reinvigorate a multi-million dollar business
Golden Nugget moments & solutions from the workshops
Network with like-minded business owners


Free Templates

Management Job Descriptions
Organisation Structures & Roles Templates
Business Improvement Template
We rebuilt the organisation structure, giving everybody really in-depth job descriptions. The empowerment I’ve given the management team, they have absolutely loved and they run the business as if its their own. The pride they have in themselves, the job they do and the company has made a huge difference.

Workshop Dates

The group workshop dates will be announced shortly and will take place via Zoom. Spaces are limited so register now to guarantee your place.




Where are you located?

Our home locations at present are Nelson and Wellington.

Where are the workshops held?

The personalised workshops are delivered at our client's office premises or via Zoom.

The group workshops are delivered via Zoom or a centralised city location.

What days and times do you deliver the workshops?

We have a PeopleNZ workshop schedule that is qualified for each location in a particular week of the month. The workshops are delivered in the mornings & afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The Personalised vs. Group workshops?

The Personalised workshops are one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring sessions that are customised to your business requirements. They include a proactive, month-to-month discussion and focus on your business performance and key risks by utilising the Elevater reporting dashboards.

The Group workshops are small interactive groups of 4 clients. The workshops have content that is simple and structured with templates to be completed. All the workshop templates reside in your own personal online client hub.

Who else will be in the group workshops?

The group workshops will have a limited number of other business owners. We will have group discussions on a variety of business initiatives. No one will be expected to share confidential information, but we will welcome your questions & comments during the workshop. These workshops will also provide opportunities to connect with other business owners. 

Who should I bring to the workshops?

The group workshops are designed for owners and managers of a business. In some cases in the group workshops it is recommended that you bring an influential individual from your business to participate. 

What materials do I need to bring to the workshop?

Please bring your personal laptop & charger, with a pen & paper.

Why are the Elevater solutions six months?

Building a successful and dynamic business takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a lot of financial backing you can sometimes shortcut the time and process to grow. However from our experience, to succeed in positioning the company for strong sustainable growth you need to be working on the business consistently to mature the business as a whole.

We have designed the Elevater to provide the knowledge, tools and templates and be part of your journey. Rather than coming in to fight the fires and leave quickly, we ignite ideas and improve areas of the business to support long term successful growth. 

What are the payment terms?

All solutions are invoiced on a monthly basis.

What Elevater solution will suit my needs?

Please get in touch by calling 0800 838 8888 or emailing and we'll help you qualify exactly which solution fits your current needs. You can also refer to our website which outlines the Elevater programme.

Elevater - yes, we know, it's spelt wrong :-)

When we built the Elevater programme we needed to qualify a name. We really believe we have something unique that could be taken to the global markets, so we required a dot com name. The Elevater came out of that brainstorming session. It might look slightly wrong but it sounds and delivers great results.