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Why Use Bruce?

Built, grown & sold a
multi-million dollar business

Top rated business coach
in Wellington & Nelson Tasman 
40+ Five Star Google Reviews

The Elevater Growth Programme
Built & designed from knowledge & experience

Average increase of 112%
Net Profit across all clients

How Bruce Works

Bruce has a passionate approach to business and life. He uses his knowledge and experience to help businesses and business owners maximise their potential through his Elevater Growth Programme.

By focusing on the fundamentals, setting goals and holding clients accountable to them, Bruce helps businesses gain clarity, reach maturity, and become sustainable through profitable growth, all while nurturing a positive team culture.

Elevater in a Nutshell

1Focus on the Fundamentals
2Right People in the Right Roles
3Maximise People Performance
4Qualify Your Goals
5Build Simple Strategies
6Recognise & Reward
7Plan & Prioritise
8Celebrate Success

Business knowledge & experience

Designed & built a business growth programme

Proven success in a variety of industries

The Elevater Programme

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"The Elevater creates the confidence and the commitment to drive growth"

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that will positively impact both your business & your personal life.

See how we’ve helped other Kiwi businesses to plan and reach their goals. 

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Rate yourself now

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